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Since 2013 we have been working with Zmar Eco Resort to rebrand, connect and disrupt the tourism industry.

Winners - Best Video for Eco-Resorts
Winners - Best Video for Regional Scenery



As Zmar is the largest eco-resort of Portugal, located in one of the most incredible landscapes of the country, building the coherent company’s image was crucial. Sustainability, comfort, serenity, reconnecting with people and nature were major points we wanted to concentrate on. This is how the idea of the Zmar Lilfestyle was born - Sustainable, connected with Nature and always in peace.
Our first analysis was done in a partnership with the marketing team and CEO of Zmar. We spent several weeks assessing the brand's positioning and how marketing, communication and innovation could have a major impact on the company's everyday perfomance.

Teaming up with Francesca Mello Breyner, Sofia Freire and João Ribeiro Ferreira (from Zmar) was fundamental for the success of a 360 strategy. New sub-brands, a new restaurant branding, a new digital platform zmar and advertsing videos were just some of the projects we collaborated in.

As a full eco sustainable project with a deep focus on Nature & well being Zmar is in an unique position to lead the tourism industry into a new responsible age. With an appeal to diverse targets - Family, groups, young couples and much more, the brand needed to be segmented in to sub brands as well as the brand offers & services. The materials also needed to reflect the sustainable position of the brand and a strong bet on digital to replace paper was made throughout the process.

Today we are proudly one of Zmar Partners and continue creating new ideas as well as elaborating new plans with their team.

zmar sketch study new brand logo