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How to generate more leads in b2b tech

Working in b2b lead generation for SaaS is a competitive game. When Valuekeep asked us to collaborate with them, the focus was on the brand positioning and restructuring and how to present relevant content to everyone involved in the maintenance industry.

The brand maintained its heritage while being modernized and the website was developed taking into account SEO positioning/CRO and performance.


Brand, website, iconography


Strategy, Art Direction, Branding, Digital Product Design, Web Development, SEO.


Answering different maintenance targets/players

The maintenance industry has complex stakeholders.

One of the main concerns with web design and development was to answer the IT Maintenance professionals' questions. The problem was that there are distinct industries and diverse roles with unique needs.
The beginning was the re-brand to a more modern appeal. SaaS needs to have a digital-first approach.

Valuekeep’s team was key in helping us understand the internal culture. Complex challenges are solved with innovation – Their new release synchronized with the rebranding. This amplified the internal brand culture.

great ux and ui for mobile
Valukeeep t-shirt for branding purposes
design material for valukeep
wearable ui computer

B2B lead generation starts with clear information architecture

Explaining the product and demonstrating value

We defined two main flows: The first one was designed to follow the relevant industry for the user (agro-food, construction, building management, etc.), and the second one was focused on the team and their roles (managers, technicians, requesters).
This helped us to define infographics and dashboard construction aligned to the features that add value to each need.
desktop website pages of valuekeep solution
mobile UI views of valuekeep
Sustainability explanation

Results: A total redefinition

A new digital strategy that is in 3 languages and attacking markets across continents. Redefining the industry.
design ui development management software
Pricing view of desktop design
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