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Solenco Power

Solenco is disrupting the energy sector from Belgium. With a brand new way of thinking energy we had the challenge to develop a sharp edgy brand for the sector.


for a new age

The energy sector will change. The solar panel industry for home energy is growing rapidily. Solenco offers an innovative way to store and manage home energy. Rivaling TESLA and Phillips, Solenco wanted to create a strong brand that could reflect their approach to the market - Being rapid, strong and edgy.

Solenco Power brand design symbol
Solenco is an Beligum brand that wants to disrupt the home energy sector. When Katrien Hermans came to us with the birth of this project we imediatelly understood the power it may have in the future. As a developing product, the dynamic of the launch was to match the product design with the brand's aesthetics. The project partnered up with several reputable institutions as TuDELFT, Vlerick Business School, Williams Engineering, Soul-Fi and several European Institutions. Solenco is working with European private and government bodies to realise energy storage projects for coupling with renewable energy based on hydrogen, both directly and with partner firms

With home energy changing ever so fast, Solenco has an energy solution to manage solar pannels and improve the efficiency at home.

We designed the logo based on a feline predator, the cheetah to define the value system of the brand of being fast, quick and powerful. Deconstructing the first idea into the design pieces we were able to develop a color scheme that matched an idea of sustainability allied to high-end performance.

We implemented the whole brand through their digital marketing strategy.

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Solenco Power brand design symbol concept
The energy revolution
It was important to define a modern look throughout all the project. The strong values of the Chita - Speed, Strength and beauty were concepts that we showed along the project by the use of typography and layout arrangement.

As the brand was positioning itself as a new fresh solution in the european market, we wanted to uphold the focus on news & events as well as the founder credibility. Dr Hugo Vanderborre is a key speaker about the technical advancements in the European Energy Market.

Solenco Power design environmental work space