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Skrey is a brand new e-commerce consultancy company that delivers high end solutions for integration and automation. We designed a new fresh brand for a unique software house.



When Skrey Team asked us to create a new software brand we were very excited to partner up with them as we ourselves have a development team. Right now Skrey is a partner company of our BRAVEST GROUP. We proudly created their brand that focused on e-commerce specialized consulting. The main vision was to connect a minimalistic nordic approach that was simple and coeherent.
skrey software sketch design study
Developing a brand for a new software house was a perfect to us. Being ourselves a mix of software house and creative studio we understood the language of Skrey.

Skrey is a software development company oriented to big scale projects. They are focused in new digital projects in diverse areas such as E-commerce, smart tv, mobile and automation.

Refusing easy development and making projects that target high company profiles the company wanted a nordic approach to the style. We maintained that look and feel along all communication pieces.

Our idea was to introduce the language of coding into the brand. Reflecting the // protocol we created a minimal typographic approach to the design and created a language system. Reflected in the browser language but also used in as commentary section in development methodology, we found that the y and // where a good match. We then mixed it with the concept of an input text so all the areas of Skrey were shown across the communication plan.

Our work togheter went so well, that today skrey is a partner of miew on E-commerce and digital projects. We work in close connection to develop high-end projects for E-commerce and marketplace development.


skrey software devlopment photo