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Schmitt + Sohn

An industry reference in the elevator industry, S+ a german brand, wanted to explain how their whole value cycle is detail oriented and innovative. We developed a video that could portray the experience from building to implementation. Translated in all the languages, the film is show throughout all Schmitt and Sohn active markets.



Schmitt + Sohn wanted to portray the capability of production and implementation of their products. Being a standard in excellence and delivery in the market, we oversaw the development of a video that could translate the “From factory to reality” concept. The quality of production, safety, technology and innovation were key values for development of the video.
Schmitt + Sohn team in Portugal challenged us to an idea: How can the process of developing, projecting, producing and implementing an elevator be shown to everyone.

Our objective was to present the inovative based factory production system and top notch materials that Schmitt + Sohn uses every day.

The full lifecyle of an elevator project was put into a simple yet modern video that shows the company added value. Starting from the planning and development of the production, going through the manufacturing process and ending in the implementation of the product in their clients. The concept was to show that there is an integrated process with attention to details and focus on customer care.

The capacity and quality of materials, as well as top notch team, was shown around the development of video as support to the main concept. The factory itself was a playground for the video, as robot machines, welding, and factory lines were an appealing subject to use in an aesthic point of view.

Translated in 7 languages the video continues to be shown across the world, showing the stabitility and modernization of an heritage brand.


Schmitt work construction photography frame