Simplifying real estate navigation

Performance, quick navigation and smart search

Tackling RE/MAX Portugal website meant addressing the needs of millions of users per year. In response to a thorough UX analysis, we’ve focused our efforts on the creation of responsive-friendly components and a quick and easy-to-navigate flow.

The development of a real estate design system was key to achieve our goal in simplifying the process of buying or renting a house to its bare minimum while keeping the RE/MAX flair that is recognized worldwide.




Product Design, UX Design

Filters for real estate location search

Understand and assess

Finding and solving users' pain points and intentions

As Remax's website has millions of views, the first thing we did was speak with users and everyday operations to understand their main pain points.
So, we did live interviews and assed deep analytics about the website usage. We also went into Remax's offices to understand what were the struggles of the agents.
map and product view for real estate page
mobile ui views of real estate website

Research and Ideation

We started by designing the main views. In the real estate business, the main action is to keep checking an opportunity and coming back to the list of properties. So, we wanted the user to view this property list always in context.
That's why filtering, discovering the location and showing the property was our focus plan. We also wanted that the main flow had quick navigation options such as opening a side map while checking the property list or opening a property but having the list in the background.
Search filters view of mobile and desktop
Catalogue view of mobile and desktop design

Updating a website that has millions of views. Understanding the value of change for everyday users


Expanding and scaling the design

agent search ui development for real estate remax
Login page view of remax page

How to start a design system while scaling up the product

As in all our projects, we think "components mode". As we started expanding to different pages, we were able to re-use components fast. For Remax's design system, we tried to keep it in a minimalistic/clean style. After the launch, we were able to gather data and quickly make design changes.
Re/max: a real estate design system

Results: 14% more views and 44% more time spent on the page. 2.3 Million views a month.

The website was voted the most innovative in the “Real Estate Platforms” category of the “Produto do Ano 2021" awards. The jury was composed of Portuguese consumers.
We are continuously improving this product with our partners at
You can check it live
Homepage for remax with focus on search and properties with a real estate design system
Single page design ui of remax real estate products
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