Rua Alfredo Allen 461, UPTEC4200-135PortoPorto
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Mar de Desporto

Creating video and social media content for Matosinhos City Hall and their Mar de Desporto campaign. Monthly content creation and event coverage.



City Hall of Matosinhos is making a strong bet on improving its citizens life through sports. Matosinhos has a long history of local athlete's achievements and is a formidable location for all kind of sports. It was necessary to communicate all that was happening around the city in a creative way. By developing video content, trailers, and social media experiences, we were able to raise awareness of the cool, hip sports events that happen every month.
Matosinhos city is a beacon for lovers of the sea, food and outdoor activities. City hall was focused to communicate with their citizens all of the possibilities that the city had to offer.

We worked togheter with Sports Department & Council members to develop a new strategy for awareness. Every month we show through social media videos, and other channells the possibilities that were available for everyone to enjoy.

We needed to create an emotional connection with people. This was one of the major points of the video - Bridging the gap between citizens and the city. Matosinhos offers an array of opportunities to do sports, to connect with the environment and enjoy an healthy lifestyle.

Integrated in a full year strategy consisting of monthly videos in cinematic trailer mode we continue to create more awareness and to define the city as the perfect spot to live.

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