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Lipor is the institution responsible for recycling in the Northern of Porto District. We were challenged to create a campaign for B2B recycling.

360º campaign

recycling with
the heart

Local Shops, restaurants and open door businesses needed to be up to par with the citizens recycling habits. To get those companies to adopt new strategies and recycle more, we developed a brand with Lipor that could teach, gamify and upgrade the experience of recycling. The brand “recycling with the heart” got to all the main players of brick and mortar retail in Porto district. The full brand experience and campaign was developed with a purpose and point based system.

Connecting the B2B businesses to the idea of recycling and separating organic materials was the major objective of the campaign. As the campaign would stretch for 2 years, we needed to continuously adapt according to the results of the campaign. Periodically we can perceive the impact of it in the cities as our partner Biorumo Consulting assesses in the field the adoption of the system.

A strong impact was also made in the use of merchandising that would identify the technics from Lipor going door to door.

Aqui separamos campaign logo
Lipor has a major role in the northern district of Porto. They are responsible for the garbage and recycling system of several cities. The main purpose of the campaign was to target stores, restaurants and several retail around town that have huge disposals of food and other materials.

We created a brand experience that was inspired by the classic recycling logo and merged an heart shapped icon to it. Working with our partners from Biorumo Consulting we created a concept that could gamify the experience for the store owners.
Each store would receive a point based system according to 3 levels of implementation.

A full new digital strategy was created around the concept, that is still being applied at a local level.

The campaign is currently active till 2019 and has a reach of more than 3000 stores.


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