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Hintigo is a re-brand of the online news portal E-Konomista. We were briefed to create a new brand that could compete in international markets. From naming to design we developed the brand's new look&feel that is now in several countries.


more money

Creating a full re-brand of an already well positioned online news portal was a challenge. We were hired to create the name and understand the positioning of a re-launch of E-konomista. We focused on the idea of the new business lifestyle of the millenials target
- Understanding that smart information about economy is fundamental for success.
Hintigo design logo brand
A digital place where information about your career, finance, vehicles, lifestyle and technology is smart and valuable.

As we were part of the new digital youngsters that care about decisions about money, we were stoked to develop this new brand.

To represent a true segmented target we did focus groups and user research since the first step.

We are proud to have been able to work with addclick on creating a new digital platform across Brasil, Poland, Spain, Portugal and France.


Hintigo design logo symbol
Hintigo = valuable information
The digital feel of the brand needed to be strong. Our approach was to develop all the brand communication around the idea of the difussion of information. The green associated to money was mutated into a digital green and the iconography developed around the brand as an icon.
Hintigo design logo campaign poster