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When VC investors came to us, they had a major idea - Redefine the way logistics are done. A new marketplace and management that allows the market to bid and manage cargo. Whole research, brand, software development was managed by our team.



Logistics and transportation is going through a revolution. When we were asked to prototype and launch a new brand for the sector we understood the degree of difficulty we were getting into. Making a marketplace to sell and manage cargo was a big undertaking. Today Goinglog is a case study of our capability to develop and launch software togheter with a new brand.
goinglog software brand
The capability of developing a full feature software is what started our connection with investors. With great ideas being developed around the world we became the go to place to develop a full scalable prototype and to launch a new brand into the market.

Goinglog features a marketplace for cargo purchasing/bidding where both companies and carriers win. With a system designed to be able to purchase cargos of companies, this allows transport carriers to be full cargo most of time, and to reduce the price of transportation to companies. Goinglog system works real team and allows companies the placement of their cargo deliveries at a competitive price for all transportation companies. Transportation companies access a global market cargo where they can manage their path in a way their veicules are always full cargo. Result: Companies spend less, Transportation companies win more.

The complexity of the Logistics market made us work from a Research and development stand point since the beginning. We did case studies in some of the major consumer companies in Portugal, and adapted the prototype to market reality. This was key to successfully understand the users roles in all the platform.

Goinglog is going through investment rounds and hopefully it will be in the market very soon.

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