Galp Continente

Loyalty systems, made easy

Creating clear cut landing pages for loyalty systems

Galp and Continente have one of the most important loyalty systems in Portugal. It was very important to co-relate the value changing points between the brands to the user. Our objective was to define very clearly the tangible benefits to use the app/card.

We focused on 2 main clear advantages: Accumulating points and getting discounts on petrol and tried to show always that main process through illustration.


Landing Page, Iconography, Illustration


Art Direction, Digital Product Design, Web Development, SEO

Ui design for Galp landing page that focuses on lead generation

What is the added value?

Syncronizing 2 brands

Galp and Continente are 2 brands that have great brand recognition. Balancing this was also very important to take into account. The loyalty system of "cartão continente" offers discounts on Galp: What are the discounts? How can I use them? were the main questions we wanted to solve fast.
mobile ui views of galp continent landing page

The value was demonstrated with video and process infographics (interactive) that allowed the user to understand how to proceed

Map search of galp gas stations

Where can I use it?

Other objectives were to have a quick search and map navigation where I could use my card, and define through a "calculator" how much could I save by using the card.
As usual we worked through "design system" mode, and defined re-usable components across the project.
Counter and mileage calculator
Circular design diagram for loyalty card program
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