New generation LMS for leadership and coaching

Building software for management consulting

Dynargie is a leader in management consulting and leadership training. They wanted to digitize the way they do their training. The concept was to define a fully digital platform that controlled the training by giving access to a gamified app to their trainees.

By taking their process fully digital, we developed an entirely tailor-made learning management system that is scalable and in continuous evolution.


LMS, website, landing page, digital platform, iOS app, android app.


Strategy, Art Direction, Branding, Digital Product Design, Web Development, Photography, SEO & Linkbuilding, Social Media Management, Copywriting.

Great UX and UI for LMS in coaching
Building great mobile experiences in React JS and .net

Backoffice controller – Administration – provides full features of creating new users and administrating training worldwide.


The main areas of implementation

Consultant/trainer area

We designed a complete builder and step-by-step procedure that allowed the consultants to have their own defined area/login and assess their projects. This builder gave each consultant the possibility of customizing their training sessions to each person/group, monitoring what is happening with their groups, and create day-by-day assessments.
Desktop components for great UI
Style consistency with design systems for software development
Building native apps for dynargie LMS

The consultants can define a whole week of training and define quick quizzes live in a “classroom” mode.

The participant area

The participant area is a specific tool that accompanies the participants each step of the way and allows them to follow the live "classroom" procedures. After the training has ended, this area lets the participants continue to do specific tasks during the day. Additionally, it gives detailed statistics allowing each person to know how their momentum is in their training.
To ensure that the users remain interested, we developed several tools that dynargie has in their expertise, such as to-do lists and specific cards/games. We also transformed team building/coaching exercises into a digital outcome.
Specific areas of LMS training
desktop UX and UI experience for Dynargie LMS

Main goal

The system became a fully digital transition as it is an example of how to successfully transform a unique industry. The human connection is still the major key asset, but optimizing and providing more efficiency was imperative.
Today we continue partner up with dynargie to ensure continuous product development and design.
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