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Developing a drone delivery app

Connect robotics drone app mobile views ui

Making delivery simple and boosting efficiency

Focused mainly on the health area and offering a flexible and dependable solution, ConnectRobotics is dedicated to developing transport systems using drones to match the rapid pace of on-demand services.

During our collaboration, we've helped ConnectRobotics bringing a more connected world through an app whose goal is to help users and businesses control drones and automate delivery operations.


Mobile app React Native


Strategy, Digital Product Design

The home views of react native app for drone to me
React native development and design for mobile app

Making a look&feel that connects to healthcare and pharmacy. Focusing on health and caregivers.


Working out a process from start to landing

Defining status

The drone2me app relies on two different software as the connection is between a user sending the cargo via drone and a user accompanying its trajectory and steps in the map. The idea of "uberizing" the process was an inspiration, but location data is very different when talking about air.
Mobile design and digital product studio work for connect works

Defining a procedure for drone landing was one of the biggest challenges. We allowed the user to show the surrounding area of landing by uploading a video.

Maintaining consistency

The target markets of health-related industries made us design and develop the drone delivery app in a way that any user (including less experienced users) could define target locations for the drone to land. We have to understand that this may happen to deliver medicines into the deep interior of the country.
our digital product design studio ui for drone app

Project comissioned by Connect Robotics

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