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Comic Con
Comic Con is an yearly event that joins Comics, TV shows, celebrities, cosplay and much more. With 30 000 visitors everyday we develop video content and advertsing.
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you want
One of a kind event in Portugal, Comic Con wanted to improve every day communication during the event focusing on their social media and public outlets. We created TV spots for the main channels: FOX, AXN, SCY-FI and much more. During the event we created trailer cinema like short videos for the end of each day - This created an experience that related the fans as characters of the event. We mixed the idea of fans creating a great part of the experience of Comic Con
Comic Con is allbout its fans. As a growing brand in Portugal the stakes were high. How
can we communicate so many things happening around the location during 3 days of the event? The event's daily life was really valuable.

When Paulo Rocha first talked to us about the importance of connecting the fans with the of the event's daily life we immediatelly understood that facebook live videos and youtube daily videos would be a strong weapon to show the fans that they are also a integrating part of the event.

Cosplayers, movie fans, comic book fans (and much more) are the ones that make the event come alive. The stage is for the stars, but the event is for the fans. With 30 000 people average per day the social media following was a great opportunity for digital marketing growth. That's why live videos and continuous content delivery was key to elevate the event from more than 4 days in the year.

The same concept was applied to the promo videos that preceeded the event.

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