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Ainda Estou Aprender

A National project done in partnership with University of Minho and Gulbenkian Institute with the idea of creating new technologies for Reading & Learning (Education). We created a new brand and software that allows every child to learn and improve their skills.


for all

Free access platform whose main purpose is to support the acquisition of reading, especially in students who have difficulties in reading learning (DAL).Students who use the platform can begin their learning experience on their computer and continue later from the same point on another device such as their tablet, staying connected and accompanied at the time of their use. Research Teams can update content for teachers to use and suggest to their students. The democratization of Education is happening in the digital world and we are proud to be a part of it.
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Creating a platform for online and mobile access for 1st cycle students (Stage one), to be guided by teachers (holders or educational support) and / or by parents / guardians.

We developed the full online platform and brand in connection with the Research group of Universidade do Minho. A platform that could provide materials and activities for evaluation and intervention. Researchers could access and update specific content that was developed and designed so that they can be used in a school context and outside of class.

These intervention contents are carried out in digital format, although equivalent versions in paper and pencil format are also available.

The platform success depended on our understanding of the context of psychological intervention and education sciences in the community. Right now the project continues to evolve and is being implemented both at a local and national level.


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After a deep investigation and analysis of the results obtained by the Portuguese students in the national Portuguese exams, it can be concluded that the percentage of students with learning difficulties is high, about 25%.

The Psychology School of the University of Minho has been collaborating with us in several challenges.

The platform has been developed in modular system, allowing to insert and publish new content. This allows the evolution for new subjects of teaching, and the constant updating of content.

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