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We connected with aerosoles to create their new website for their international europe online shop. Focusing on the user journey was key.



Our approach was to create a minimalistic approach with focus on small actions on the UI to improve conversion rates. We had to follow the feel of the US website, so we applied a specific new strategy on typography and content distribution.
Our discovery phase is fundamentally trying to understand what was the user focus. We did analytical research and layout analysis at the US website to understand the user journey.

Aerosoles is known by its quality, comfort and modernity. Our purpose was to reflect those concepts in a simple direct way. After a lot of research of the target users, we dedicated a lot of time in performance based ideas.

After the first stage of putting ourselves in the user side, we started developing wireframes for the main pages. We then started comparing them in focus groups where we had terrific results:

90% Preference on Category Listing and Navigation
68% Preference on Homepage
70% Preference on Product Page
aerosoles new website
Iconography / Color style
Creating an iconography and look and feel for Aerosoles Europe was an interesting study. With a specific segmented target and a well established brand we defined a color pattern that could feed from brand's primary color and connect with darker colors that would relate to a premium product.

Thin lines and a minmalistic approach were defined along the whole project.


aerosoles new website iconography
aerosoles new website color style