Luxury fashion goes digital

Pushing modernity into a luxury brand for women

A luxury brand for women that is part of the slow fashion movement. Their decisions are focused on curating natural and delicate materials that can be turned into incredible design items.

They are a look at what the future of fashion looks like. The focus on sustainable and alternative materials and re-shaping how consumers connect with fashion helped us make decisions that were focused on how to tell this story while maintaining a detail-oriented clean-cut style.


Web design, UX, UI, style guide


Art Direction, Digital Product Design, Prototyping.

homepage design of with double video placement

Pushing editorial concepts. The market of luxury fashion depends on taking risks.


Standing out in a competitive market

Layering images and components

Looking for inspiration on great editorial print magazines and trying to give extra big focus on the clothes allowed us to explore cool concepts. We were aware that e-commerce is focused on conversion, but in such a competitive landscape we needed to assume a strong style.
homepage mobile banners of ecommerce a-line webpage

We designed hero headers that layered two pictures into positions that we could relate the materials and the clothing style of A-Line.

Balancing complexity and simplicity

As we decided to go big on the homepage through the addition of complex sections, we toned everything done when we were speaking about catalogue and single page. That allowed us to have some balance between high layered contrasted images and clean minimalistic white space canvas.
We built an experience on mobile that was closer to a native app and tried to simplify navigation to the max. Catalog and single page were the main focus, while storytelling sections remained with the "editorial" feel from the homepage.
the desktop view of ecommerce single page of a-line clothing
mobile and product views and ui details
A-line catalogue ecommerce design

Letting the catalogue shine

Allowing  single items to mix in between model and "hanged" clothes allowed us some dynamic on the scroll down. Mixing up the thumbnail size from single size of 2x also created some mix&match on the grid system.
the module components of homepage design ui
A-line components of homepage with focus on details and macro design ui

Storytelling sections

Being a luxury brand that also has a strong approach to sustainability and hand made tailloring we designed sections that were replicated (content would change) across the website.
checkout for aline ecommerce digital design project
component for UI fashion digital development studio design
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