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Orlando Rocha
22 de March, 2021

This is the Launcher. A journal about what we love to do. Designing for outcomes. Building with empathy. Growing with purpose.

Here at Miew, we have always talked about creating a blog, as since reading “Start with Why” from Simon Sinek, we knew that there is an arc in your career that you can only achieve when you share knowledge.

So we have decided that it was about time to open the doors to the way we work, and one thing we were certain about: we wanted to share our process with the universe.

This idea came from an AIGA design conference some years ago, where Stefan Sagmeister talked about design as a process. Because design means going through a process of conversation, inspiration, multiple drawings, editing, testing, changing, re-drawing and failing. A lot.

Of course, we don’t believe that everyone should have the same process. Different processes work for different people. At Miew, we have our own grounded in four foundational concepts: Listen, Launch, Lead and Learn. Or how we like to call it: our 4 L’s.

So, here at the Launcher, our main goal is to do precisely what a Launcher is supposed to do: sending something into the air with force. We want to send thoughts, ideas, views into the universe, where design and engineering have a continuous conversation with content and marketing.

We want to show us our successes, our failures. But above anything else, we want to show you how we have learned from both of these. Why we went for decision A when we should have gone for decision B. How did we achieve X results. Great products are developed from your reaction to struggle. You need to have a point of view. So we want to give you a glimpse of Miew’s view of the world, hoping to help people make better decisions in the journey of creating their digital product.

Because we know it takes courage to launch something: a brand, a product, a campaign. But don’t worry. Everyone fails. And that’s how you learn. You do your best.

And as the great Ali said:

“You don’t lose if you get knocked down; you lose if you stay down.”

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