The Future of Digital Audio Ecosystem

Pedro Ferraz
20 de March, 2021

What is the future of audio UX and sound design

In a world of visual learners and visual observers, we often rely more on our ears than on our vision.

As a Sound Designer and Composer, I often hear that sound is an extension of the visuals.

Well, I couldn’t disagree more! Sound has always been of extreme importance and need, but now more than ever it has evolved into the fastest and simplest way of interacting with digital devices.

In a world where time is precious, voice and sound is king. And we have now reached the era of Digital Orality!

Audio isn’t seen just seen as an afterthought but as a privileged medium for brands to communicate. It can also be used as a mean to target the user’s senses and to promote new experiences.

Due to the given increase in digital audio consumption, brands want to reach these growing audiences and start to ask themselves “How does my brand sound like?” and “How does my brand sound like on different platforms?” 🔉

The answer is that you need to understand that your brand sound is dictated by the experience you want to provide to your customers. So, you need to consider the tone of voice, the pace, the language, the way you come across in the music, gender, age, etc. All of these will impact the way your brand is perceived.

Even though it’s more passive than both visual and text content, audio can be used to reach users when visual can’t.

Many of us open ourselves to the audio world while driving, sitting on the train, exercising, walking to work, among other things…. For that reason, we can engage with Audio Content and incorporate it into our day-to-day routines while we attend to other tasks. 🎧

That’s why Audio is more relevant and engaging than ever before.

So, there’s a big chance for audio nowadays!

The rise of smart speakers, wearable technology, podcasts (that keep growing at a rapid clip), connected vehicles, and voice-automated searches also make Audio even more appealing, making it pop up in the places we want them the most.

All in all, we can understand why big brands are investing heavily in audio content as part of their digital content marketing strategy.

Because sound is connection!

Are you onboard? ⛵

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