We might have changed but…

We are still Miew.

Legacy mode

We’re a tight-knit group that wants to blaze a trail into the future of digital.

Miew is a place with no departments. No individual heroes.
It’s not about winning prizes. It’s about solving complex challenges.
Our clients’ challenges. Together.

Nelson Carvalho team member photo at miew

Nelson Carvalho

Back-end Developer / DevOps
Snack Lord
Ricardo Landolt photo for miew's team

Ricardo Landolt

CTO / Product Development
Dictaphonic Jedi
Marco Oliveira team photo at miew

Marco Oliveira

SEO, Performance
Ricardo da Costa team photo at miew

Ricardo da Costa

Full-stack Developer
Whovian Potterhead
Rui's team member photo at miew

Rui Correia

Front-end Developer
Master of Knives
gonçalo mimoso team member photo at miew

Gonçalo Mimoso

Product Designer
Gas Station Enthusiast
Telmo's Martins team photo

Telmo Martins

COO / People & Culture
Hockey Samurai
silvia moura team member photo at miew

Sílvia Moura

Product Designer
Creative Prankster
Pedro Ferraz team member photo at miew

Pedro Ferraz

Product Manager / UX Designer
Trickster Smurf
fábio pereira team member photo at miew

Fábio Pereira

Finance & Office Manager
Sports Maniac
Hugo's team member photo at miew

Hugo Sousa

Account Manager / Business Development
Full Stack Ninja
Mateus Cantelmo team photo at miew

Mateus Cantelmo

Product Designer
André Santos team photo at miew

André Santos

Content Manager
Ophidiophobic Hiker
Orlando Rocha team member photo

Orlando Rocha

CMO / Product Designer
Pen Thief
Nuno Silva team photo at miew

Nuno Silva

Back-end Developer
Code Bender

Our t-shaped people are the backbone of our collaborative culture.

We are designers, developers, strategists, storytellers, engineers. Yes. But we are also:



Pet Whisperers



Recipes Fábio likes

Just don't invite him for dinner if it's not Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá.


Sílvia memes

Literally no one:
Sílvia: Does a meme.


Liters of coffee/week

Don’t worry. Sílvia, Marta, and Diogo drink enough tea (and beer) for the rest of us.


People Hugo knows

And if he hasn't met you yet, he will find you. On LinkedIn.


Hours per year Rui spends listening to Metallica

Nothing else matters but noise-canceling headphones.


Rubik’s Cube Champion

Anyone up for a challenge?
Diogo is. Hi.



If you're a cat whisperer,
then you're purrrfect for us.


Pens stolen by Orlando per week

Protect your pens and pencils! He's coming for yours...


Times Miew was mispronounced

Mew, Meow, Miau... The correct spelling is Me-You. There you go!



What can we say?
We’re busy bees.


Times we agreed to disagree

About Tree of Life. What you think about the movie? Tell us.


Sticky notes used

Telmo calls it organizing.
We call it obsession.



The number of Miews we call family.


Empathy is at the core of everything we do.

We are bold, agile, and honest.
We team-up and collaborate. This is how we do it.

Intense brainstorms

Cat videos


Sport sessions

Video Games

Comfort food

Music Jams



Home truths

Cake & Beer

Each other support

Above anything else,

We are kind and believe that doing the right thing pays off.

Take Miew with you.

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