We might be changing, but we are still Miew.

Orlando Rocha
19 de March, 2021

Are we changing? Yes. A lot? Not really. Why? Because since we started Miew, we always had the same question: What is the dialogue between creativity and technology?

Digital product studio

We have always been driven by curiosity. It has always been the cultural foundation of how we approached business but also the essence of our life. So, we’ve been thinking a lot about how we want to improve the way design and technology collaborate to improve Product Management.

Today, the world is all about launching and learning. It is about what you design and build and adapting it to new market conditions — The pandemic has turbocharged this idea. The way you create these products to scale is critical because adapting them to custom business models takes a special kind of spice. That’s why we are focusing more time on thinking and testing, on our training and education, and in upscaling our multidisciplinary team.

That’s why we have launched “The Launcher” – to share the way we’ve been approaching these problems. You can find more about it here. We hope to invite new people to share different perspectives about product design and product development.

You may also check that our social media profiles are profiling Listen, Launch, Lead and Learn. It’s because we believe that to be great in the digital world, you need to listen carefully, launch with intention, lead with courage, and always, but always learn from what you have done.

Listen to UX
Lead the digital product studio area
Launch great mvp | digital product studio
learning how to plan great digital products

There is a clear evolution of adapting to the web means — From counting page views and visitors, installs and ratings, to measuring customer acquisition cost and lifetime value. There is a massive new relationship between Product and Marketing, and this connection will continue to evolve more rapidly with AI and ML. What is the Future of this connection: This is what we want to find out — How creativity and technology influence this relationship.

We did change, but we just adapted to the Future.

So we improved our org chart because even if you think it’s a boring question, it is the way everyone we meet/work interacts with the correct person and process. Function matters to Scale.

We also changed our look&feel. We are still the same brand. We just wanted to show that Miew has grown into different layers of meaning. Our new image focuses on how these layers connect into meaning.

Miew brand culture and homage to pink flyd

Our homage to the "Dark Side of the Moon."

This brought us to the waves (our heritage from the sea) and to these great emotional moments that influenced us: understanding the concept of Pink Floyd’s in “Dark Side of the Moon”, seeing for the first time Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures”, checking how Kendrick and Childish Gambino destroy Youtube with their video narrative or how the dark in Christopher Nolan’s movie is so damn cool.

It is the juxtaposition of all of our different influences — Waves that pass through us and change us.

juxtaposition of creativity and engineering

So our new feel comes a lot from music and video but, it also comes from street art influences, travels, documentaries, the discussion of who is the next Michael Jordan, and science diagrams — Yes, we know it is pretty strange.

We might be changing, but we are still Miew.

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