14 Digital Marketing Tools I Can’t Live Without 🎯

Bruno Pião
18 de March, 2021

Digital marketing best tools of the trade

My team at Miew Creative Studio challenged me to write an article about the 14 digital marketing tools I can’t live without. I hope you like it and follow us for more insights!

If you work in digital marketing on a day-to-day basis, you already know how hard it can be to be updated with the best tools to help you perform best in your marketing strategy.

In this 4 minutes reading article, I’ll reveal the 14 digital marketing tools I’m working on right now and explain to you why they will make your life easier.

What do you think I’m missing out on? Help me! 😅

Website 🖥️

#1 DATA STUDIO by Google

This is my number 1 because it’s where I shine! I can customize every chunk of data. It’s perfect to tailor reports to my clients, giving them exactly the numbers they’re looking for. They even have templates to start from, to guide you through your needs.

Hotjar is an amazing tool that lets you see heatmaps, recordings, and conversion funnels from user’s behavior, giving you pinpoint insights on where an update or change is needed on your website. It’s the best way to show your designer/programmer where the website needs work.

3# MOZ

I like to use Moz to mostly check a website domain authority. It predicts your domain ranking potential, linking domains, and inbound links. This type of data is very helpful for my SEO strategy.

They’re a top-of-the-notch SEO plugin for WordPress and can save you a lot of time optimizing your on-page SEO, as well as your search console, structured data, and social media. Well done Yoast!

I’ve been following Neil Patel for a long time. He’s the SEO guru of the moment… So, of course, I use Ubersuggest! It is an all in one tool that provides ideas for content, keywords and that also has an SEO site audit and backlinks.

Benchmark 📈

This is a simple way to check out a website’s older version and find out the changes and upgrades your competitors made along the way and spark an idea for yours. Never heard about it until our UX/UI developer, Orlando told me about it!

A neat website to track your competitors. It provides you with a lot of data (monthly sessions, avg time, sources, keywords, paid search, etc). Best way to spy on your competition. 😉

With a very simple drag & drop tool, survey monkey is a very nice platform to test your website UX and benchmark. The data collected is very reliable, so I strongly recommend it.

Social Media 📱

I like this platform mainly because it has a good report and analytics system, combined with competitor notifications and an updated influencers database. The Instagram stories schedule tool is also very innovative, constantly updating features. What do you think Marta (our social media manager)?


Buffer has a clean and simple layout, and it helps you find the best times to post and automatically time your posts to get maximum engagement.

They have a good hashtag tracking tool, as well as a very powerful analytics tool with more features than I’m used to seeing on other social media platforms! Great to boost your posts!

Email Marketing 📧

MailChimp is very simple to use and it’s perfect for email blasting. You can segment audiences and target different emails for diverse audiences. The campaign editor is also very simple and it guides you through email marketing best practices. This is the ace on my sleeve to get that those extra leads!

Marketing Automation 🤖

13# HEAP

A very impressive weapon in my “marketing software stack”. Very easy to set up and it does boost your product growth with valuable insights for me and my team. But, get ready because you’ll need a lot of time to plan your triggers!

With endless possibilities, Intercom is my favorite chatbot due to its simplicity — it’s so intuitive that simplifies its management, from lead generation automated messages, customer engagement, and customer support. It helps you gain more perceived value to your customers.

Thank you for bearing with me these couple of minutes! Let us know your thoughts. Or even better, join us! And bring your experience and ideas with you!

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